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How to Get Over Your Fear of Public Speaking

Mindset Exercise:

Ask yourself: If I'm afraid of public speaking or promoting myself or work online or in person, is it really because all eyes are on me or because my eyes are on all of them?

Starting now, take 1 minute to write down every single thought that springs to your head. (Seriously do it. There's science and logic behind writing things out and getting the end result you want.) Then circle the ones that resonate with you the most.

If you could rewrite them all into one fancy, condensed sentence, what would it be?

Write it down, own it, then dig deeper!

K.J. Kruk, Business Success, Fortune 500

Where are those negative thoughts coming from?

Who or what caused them to be there?

Do you really need to carry those preconceptions today?

How are they helping you in your life? (Hint, hint: They're not!)

Then write down 20 ways you can help yourself get over your inner lack of innovation. Once you've got your inner devil tackled, move on to finding and honing your inner angel. Ask yourself "What am I good at?". Then, again, plop down the first things that spring to mind and go over them until they're as detailed as detail can be.

Finally, apply that same method to all of the reasons why your brand, product, service, or life story could help enhance the lives of others. Highlight the most positive things from that list and remind yourself of them each and every day. See yourself in your dreamed-of success moment where you've conquered your fears and doubts and petty insecurities and are living a life brightly shining all of your unique talents.

Frame a piece of paper with all of your strengths and talents on it so that you can more easily remember what you bring to the table.

Remember that everyone (even those whom don't want to like you) want to see THE REAL YOU! It's completely OKAY to be the [insert into the brackets three terms you resonate most with, ex: weird, quirky, shy] person that you are. You don't have to be a people person or have all of the answers or always pitch at 100% to promote yourself or get your message across in a way that resonates with other human beings. And you don't have to care who cares! While a hundred people will absolutely adore you and want what you have to offer, many, many others will label you a royal fart and shout foul things about who you are and your work. That's their problem, not yours. They're not the one's bringing in your check. (Well, actually, they do add fuel for others to look into you and make an informed decision on if they agree or not for themselves!) So you don't need to try to convince anyone or fuss over those whom are fussy. You're not for them. Move on and "Forget about it! ".

Long story short, I want you to leave this post knowing one thing: that I and the world really do want to see who you are, no matter how weird or inward or downright wonderful you may be. And if you need help with that, let me know and I'll do my best to better guide you.

Until then, keep on being a Super Stellar you!

Creative Wishes,

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