An Introduction

I suppose it's often good, when one first sets foot into The Literary World, that they introduce themselves and say few things about how their story came to be. So I'll get straight to it.

My name's K.J. Kruk, author and illustrator of Leo Gray and the Lunar Eclipse. (So nice to be electronically introduced to you!)

"And what does the 'K.J.' stand for?" you might ask.

The "K" is for Kosmika and the "J" is for Jillianth. Though I typically go by "K," alone. Kruk, on the other hand, is Polish for crow or raven... or some wise old Corvidae....But I'm not really Polish. My lineage stems from the Irish and Swedish gene pools, so you can now imagine that I'm tall and a redhead. And, to make things more interesting, I can often be caught blabbering about in Italian while sipping schiuma off a cappuccino!

"So tell us about your book!" you demand.

Well, fine. I will. It's really boring. You shouldn't read it. Mr. Jar Jar Binks' grammar is probably better than mine is. There's no magic... No dragons... No warlocks... Nothing blows up! Oh, wait, that's not entirely correct. Something does blow up, but it's only minor. Really, all that happens is a boy goes to the moon, makes friends, makes enemies, and has to decided whether or not to save the planet or his new residency, Luna City. (It was all a really silly idea––a city inside the moon––now that I think of it. I mean, who even cares about space these days? Not many, I presume: it's only the start of the 21st century!

"So why did you write it?" you ask.

I guess I wrote it because I was desperate. Desperate to create some sort of art. And that's really all this book is. It's an expression of one person's deepest thoughts and emotions––which, if I'm lucky, will spur happiness and fulfillment to those who read it. But, it won't fulfill every reader, I'm sure; especially those without a good speckling of imagination!

"And when is it going to be published?"

Leo Gray and the Lunar Eclipse, a middle-grade novel, will hit shelfs everywhere March 19th, 2019. But you can easily pre-order your copy today at any of these fantastic online retailers: AmazonBarnes & NobleBookShoutBook Depository (or see Baker & Taylor or Ingram if you're a librarian or book store owner).

But that's really all the time I have, at present, for introductions. And, though I do feel rather sheepish to ask, will you very kindly consider following the story on facebook and twitter? It would really make my postings there much more pleasant if I had more than just one or two online "friends" to send special news and discounts to!

Either way, my greatest thanks to you for your interest in learning more about Leo's story, and do be sure to visit for the latest details on his adventure!

To the moon,

K.J. Kruk

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