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Hello again World,

This post is to enlighten those interested in book publishing (or those of you of a more curious nature) on everything I've been doing (besides from trying to write another novel and master the art of social media!) since the launch of Leo Gray and the Lunar Eclipse on March 19th.

— I designed and created 5,000 Leo Gray stickers

— I designed and printed 100 Leo Gray conference flyers

— I designed and created 1,000 Leo Gray postcards (Then I went on to hand-write (and stamp) them, and then mailed them to select teachers across the U.S.)

— I created a Leo Gray banner for the American Library Association Annual Conference in D.C.  (which required hours of unexpected editing in attempt to regain the detail that was lost from enlarging the cover art for the center of the banner.)

— I mailed giveaway packages to Leo Gray Cool Prizes Winners and Mars Generation 24 under 24 recipients

— I sent Leo Gray books to a few award competitions (Fingers-crossed! But, between you and me, I'm still not entirely sure as to why I did! I'm not expecting anything will come from it. I didn't write Leo's story with awards in mind. On top of that, I'm not deluded enough to think that my writing can hold its own against the writing of those who developed their work with knowledge of such awards, and whose writing is far more "literary affluent!" Though the title of "author-illustrator" is very much welcomed on my end, at the end of the day, I'm just a creative storyteller who published their work for the entertainment and hopeful intellectual betterment of children.)

— I had a very long and draining photoshoot (Seems odd, given the fact that I was mostly sitting, but I much more prefer to be on the opposite end of a lens!)

— I was invited to be featured in Story Monsters Inc Magazine (Look for the story next month!)

— I created an advert for Story Monsters Inc Magazine

— I created adverts for Kirkus Review Magazine

— I edited some things on (Yet again...)

— I started to redevelop my personal website,

— I created Leo Gray info packets to mail to select libraries

— I wrote a guest post for Ms. Tabler's blog [here]

— I've been attempting to finish my original concept art for the Leo Gray cover, which I was not able to complete in time for the Leo Gray cover due to deadlines and an inability to push the deadline due to an arrangement with Barnes & Noble

— I set up a new studio for upcoming videos. (Yes, videos!) Though I'm not a fan of social media, you can follow @krukgalaxy for updates on my future vlogging fun. I will start to post things on there eventually...)

— I've been spending countless hours developing educational packets and resources for The Online Lunar Academy (a supplemental resource for educators to pair with Leo Gray and the Lunar Eclipse that should be launching later this year) [see here]

— I was very excited to be invited to set up shop again at a few airport book stores

— Leo Gray can now be found at a few fancy beach resorts and hotels

— I had a couple phone interviews

— I tackled a hundred emails

— And I'm starting to plan to revise this little "bog" to be more of a real, functional, go-to-and-get-some-good-stuff-out-of-it sort of blog...but, you know, Father Time's a bit stingy on free-time minutes as of late!

And that's about it!—though I'm sure I've forgotten a number of things. I have a terrible memory....If I had been Leo in the chapter where he's at the airport checking his ticket before he heads off to Space Camp, it would have been a very, very slow read, as I would have insisted on checking my ticket every other line! :-)

To the moon,

K.J. Kruk

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