Once Upon a Christmas Eve

Once upon a Christmas Eve,

A gentle snow fell over the tops of trees;

The cities were aglow with holiday lights;

And the door to each house was draped with a wreath of holly and fresh pine!

The fireplaces were ablaze warming the children's damp stockings;

And twelve golden candles guided carolers humming!

The scent of roasted chestnuts and turkey and ham,

All wafted through the air alongside whiffs of rosemary puddings and cranberry jams!

And while the children lay asleep, dreaming of a marvelous world,

Filled with reindeer and Santa’s elves and candy-cane trolls,

Darling mothers can be heard giggling between sweet sips of cherry,

Reminiscing of times of forgotten with their daughters newly twenty!

And though the wind may be nippy, and the snow more like slush,

Determined fathers brace the cold as they race to the shops,

Sneaking back toy cars and dollies home under their coats,

Cringing a bit when they remember their notes!

Yay! Though the year's yieldings may be far from too many,

Still a clink and clank can be heard at every street corner from a good copper penny!

Yes, indeed, it is truly a special time of year,

So let’s drink, and be merry,

And fill up our hearts with holiday cheer!

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