Pre-Publication Ponderings

It's precisely thirty-one days now until Leo Gray and the Lunar Eclipse comes out. (Not that I'm counting, or anything....) I'm not expecting miracles to happen when March 19th finally arrives. Miracles require a tremendous amount of effort from divine celestial-beings, and I'm afraid I haven't yet had the pleasure of meeting any in person. But, who knows...Maybe Lady Luck might be feeling extra generous on that day!

Either way, I feel like I've fallen behind with marketing and businessy things. I should have been blogging for eight-hundred years to ensure instant sales from an insanely huge following. I should have made a better effort to make lots and lots of friends and I should have encouraged them all to make lots and lots of babies (so that I could have had plenty of people to chip in come Leo's pub day)...

I should've, at the very least, devised a rap song, such as this:

Yo, I'm an author,

A hip-hip hopper!

Better buy my book,

Cauz there ain't nothin' hotter!

Swag over 'ere,

'an swag over there,

If you don't read Leo Gray,

I'll swear!!

Well, now that everyone agrees that I've choose the wrong profession and that my time would be better spent hanging out with Drake, I'll keep quiet. The point is, getting a book out into the world is a lot of work; and I'm very, very tired. So, if you're feeling an ounce angelic, will you follow @LeoGrayBooks? (If you're brave enough to retweet a thing or two and encourage your amigos to do the same, that would be an enormous help.) Because, who knows, the kid that could be needing to hear Leo's story the most, could be your friend or your friend's kid or your cousin, or some teacher or librarian that's following you that will one day pass the recommendation on to that person.

And that's what getting a book out into the world is all about: sending invisible waves of love and support (or whatever it is that one wishes to send) into the universe, so that someone else may more easily ride the waves of life with a good story.

Oh dear, I nearly forgot. Lunch!

To the moon,

K.J. Kruk

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