What's Standing in the Way of Your Success?

Today's power tip is an easy exercise all about success blockages. Through it, you'll learn how to get out of your head and fast track your desires in less than ten minutes.

What's a success blockage?

In short, any person, place, or thing, thought or idea, that's standing in front of your dream. That could be your mom, best friend, partner, or very, very needy cat. It could be the fact that you think you need x amount of clients or a Shark Tank Investor or some form of fancy-dancy accreditation.

Or it could be YOU. That's right. I said it. You know that little guy hang'n out on your shoulder constantly telling you "You can't do this!" or "You sure as heck can't do that!"? Time to give him the boot and start listening to the heavenly hymns of your Success Angel:

"You really can achieve whatever you wish!"

Regardless of what's blocking you, if you don't have your goals clearly defined, and if you don't have a plan to drain blockages out of your system, you're gonna keep coming back, hitting those same blocks, time and time again.

So, are ya ready to remove them? Let's get to it!

K.J. Kruk, Business Success, Fortune 500

K.J.'s Success Blockage Exercise

1) Whip out your pen and paper and take thirty seconds to a minute to write down what first springs to mind when I say "What's stopping you from achieving your desired level of success?" (Don't audit yourself. Just write everything as it comes to you, including the stuff that seems silly or trivial.) Call out those blocks!

2) Dig deeper. Take a few more minutes to read over your list and fine-tune your blockages as close as you can to their roots. Ex: "I'm not making the money I want because I don't have enough clients" turns into "I don't have enough clients because I'm not advertising enough" turns into "I'm not advertising enough because I don't have money for more ads" will eventually get you to the root of the problem: "I'M CHOOSING to spend more money on a gym membership than on adverts". So your success, in this scenario, is being blocked by a personal choice (that could appear good on paper, but, in reality, isn't in your best interest in terms of achieving your desired level of success).

But what if your block turns out to be another person? Even if your BFF demanded you go to that gym with them, you are still CHOOSING to allow for that person to get in the way of your goals.

3) So, what do you do next? Drain those blockages! CHOOSE to better organize your life and to reprioritize the endless tasks and events that take up your day/week/month/year. CHOOSE to prioritize whom you spend time with and how you do or do not allow them to influence your decisions. (This is the hardest part, especially when those people are our BFF's or family, but letting those closest to you know that you need to see how things play out on your ownwithout anyone else's input—will not only help you to establish respectable boundaries, but it'll get you closer to the success you aim to achieve. No one but YOU has control over your dreams.

"Not a thing on this planet can hinder

your success, unless you allow for it."

So, put in your schedule, once a month, to audit your life for success blockages. Stay aware of the people, places, or things, thoughts or ideas, that are giving you stress and are holding you back from your dreams. And take time to censure these relationships, ensuring that everything you keep in your life is flowing in harmony with your ultimate desires and success.

Until then, keep on being a Super Stellar you!

Creative Wishes,

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